President Xi Jinping delivered a New Year speech in his office on the eve of 2018. 
The display in his office has become a hot topic among Chinese people, especially the books on his shelves.
Let's take a closer look at the eclectic taste of Xi and hopefully get inspired to read some of these masterpieces.
The Communist Manifesto
Collection of 19th CPC National Congress Documents
Classics of Marxism & Leninism
Discourse on the Arts and Sciences
Selections of Denis Diderot
Studies on Metaphysics
China's Leadership In Global Governance
Marxism Studies Series
Notes on the History of CPC
Politics and laws
History of Chinese People's Liberation Army
Thirty-six Stratagems
The Theory on War
Selections from Records of the Historian
History of Modern Europe
A Global History
The Iliad and The Odyssey
War and Peace
The Old Man and the Sea
Chronicle of Chinese Culture
A World History of Art
The Master Algorithm
Culture & science
Capital and Collusion
Money Changes Everything
The Gray Rhino
Huainanzi, Laozi, Analects, Mengzi, Xunzi, Discourses of the States, and Book of Documents
Chinese classics
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