Book Recommendations  
Supreme People's Court
Xi Jinping:
Governance of China
Recommended by Zhou Qiang
President and Chief Justice of the SPC
The first published work by Chinese President Xi Jinping offers a unique look inside the Communist Party of China and its vision for the future. The book presents excerpts and summaries of 79 speeches, talks, interviews, instructions and correspondences in 18 chapters.
Each item is accompanied by relevant notes about China's social system, history and culture. The book includes 45 photos taken at various stages of Xi's life, which provide readers with more information about his career and personal life.
"I've bought copies of this book for my colleagues as well. I want them to understand socialism with Chinese characteristics."
Mark Zuckerberg, Founder and CEO, Facebook
"At great length...(the book) explains to the world how China works, what it intends to do in the coming years during his tenure at the top and how its unique governing system will get it there."                             —Huffington Post
"Certainly [President Xi] is working hard...developing an image which is much less constrained and technocratic."
Recommended by Shen Deyong
Executive vice-president of the SPC
232 Essays of Chinese President Xi Jinping 
This book contains 232 essays of "Zhi Jiang Xin Yu", a column originating with the Zhejiang Daily.
The 232 essays were written by President Xi Jinping, a former secretary of the CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee.
These essays are brilliant because they use a Marxist standpoint, viewpoint and methods to observe, analyze and solve problems.
Recommended by Li Shaoping
Vice-president of the SPC
Misery and Glory
The book has a broader vision, innovative ideas and a vivid style of writing. It offers a unique interpretation and in-depth analysis of many major events with a lot of little-known historical data.
It has a positive significance in enhancing people's understanding of the arduousness and complexity of the Chinese revolution, motivating party members and cadres to keep the immortal achievements and lofty spirit of the revolutionary pioneers in mind through promoting the Party's fine traditions and its correct ideals and beliefs.
Recommended by Jiang Wei
Vice-president of the SPC
The Long March
The Long March by Wang Shuzeng is the first documentary work comprehensively representing the 25,000 li (12,500 kilometer) Long March during the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression (1937-45).
The Long March over thousands of miles was a military expedition rare in the thick and thin of human history, and was also a spiritual epic representing an ideal and faith unique in human civilization. The times of revolution and war have been drifting away, but the enterprising spirit of the Communist Party of China is still on the march.
Recommended by Tao Kaiyuan
Vice-president of the SPC
"A searing, moving and infuriating memoir . . . Bryan Stevenson may, indeed, be America’s Mandela. For decades he has fought judges, prosecutors and police on behalf of those who are impoverished, black or both. . . Injustice is easy not to notice when it affects people different from ourselves; that helps explain the obliviousness of our own generation to inequity today. We need to wake up. And that is why we need a Mandela in this country."
    Nicholas Kristof, The New York Times
"As deeply moving, poignant and powerful a book as has been, and maybe ever can be, written about the death penalty."
      —The Financial Times
Just Mercy:
A Story of Justice and Redemption
Recommended by Sun Huapu
Member of the SPC Party Leadership Group
Law and Society in Traditional China
The book analyzes the implementation and impact on people’s lives of laws in ancient China,  based on a large number of individual cases and legal precedents. It reveals the basic essence and leading features of ancient Chinese laws.
Law is rooted in society. Each village and town all over the country has had its own stream of culture, and thus different areas have different legal cultures. By reexamining ancient Chinese laws from the point of view of the family in China, readers will find that the law is a good tool for maintaining order within and among Chinese families and classes.
Recommended by Du Wanhua
Member of the SPC judicial committee
Biography of Zhou Enlai
This is the glorious story of a great Chinese revolutionary, a warrior who shouldered a historical mission. Faced with a test of life and death, he bravely went forward without fear.
Despite failures and setbacks, Zhou undertook responsibility without flinching; sensing national peril, he put the country and people’s interests as the top priority, compromising with former enemies for the sake of unity in a national crisis. Confronted with misunderstanding and blame from comrades, Zhou remained committed to overarching benefit.
Recommended by Liu Guixiang
Member of the SPC judicial committee
Why and How the CPC works in China
The book answers thirteen questions about the Party’s history that are of concern to the people. With abundant data, the book reveals the glorious process and achievements of the socialist revolution and construction led by the CPC.
The book analyzes the fundamental cause of the success of the CPC, with real feeling and rigorous thinking. The members of the judiciary could feel by reading this book the great force behind national rejuvenation. Under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee with Xi Jinping as the core, the goal of people’s justice in every judicial case can be realized.
Recommended by Jiang Bixin
Vice-president of the SPC
Comprehensively Ruling the Country by Law 
With eight subjects and 193 paragraphs of discourses, the book has compiled many of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s speeches and reports on Comprehensively Ruling the Country by Law. 
It is an authoritative textbook for the Party cadres to learn the spirit of speech and the thought of ruling-by-law put forward by Xi. The book is also a supplementary material to profoundly comprehend significance, guiding ideologies, general goals, basic principles and general requirements of comprehensively ruling the country by law.
Recommended by Nan Ying
Vice-president of the SPC
Wo Men De Zhong Guo (Our China)
What is real China? Is it a fictionally imagined community? The book will specifically answer readers' doubts. Compiled by professor Li Ling in a massive duration of forty years, it includes four volumes.
The four volumes, namely, the story of Yu the Great, dreams and footsteps of Confucius who hoped for the unification of Western Zhou Dynasty (c.11th century-771 BC), essays about the landscapes and an ideological map. The author depicted a grand unification of ancient China from three dimensions, history, geography and culture. It can contribute to the recognition of the both well-known and little-known China.  
Recommended by Zhang Shuyuan
Vice-president of the SPC
CPC Ninety Years
The book is in three volumes: the New Democratic Revolution Period, the Socialist Revolution and Construction Period, and the Reform and Opening-up and Socialist Modernization New Period.
The publishing of CPC Ninety Years is a significant academic achievement in Party history studies. This general Party history provides important teaching and learning materials for the people as a whole, including Party members, cadres, and the country’s youth.
Recommended by Xu Jiaxin
Director of the SPC political department
History of Chinese Philosophy
History of Chinese Philosophy is the first complete work on the history of Chinese philosophy of modern significance. The book contains two volumes.
The first volume describes the age from Confucius to the King of Huainan, introducing the Hundred Schools of Thought in the Spring and Autumn Period (770-476 BC) as well as the Warring States Period (475-221BC). The second volume concerns the period from the Dong Zhongshu to Kang Youwei, recording the development of Chinese philosophy from the Han Dynasty (206BC-220) to the late Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).
Recommended by Liu Haiquan
Leader of Central Commission for Discipline Commission's Discipline Inspection Team at the SPC
Zhui Wen (Inquiries)
As a documentary work first published on April 2017 against corruption, the book includes eight typical-case stories with the materials collected by the author Ding Jie.
Ding spent two years finding inspirations and materials from hundreds of illegal cases disclosed by the Central Discipline Inspection Commission and provincial commissions, and communicating face to face with downfallen officials. The book is a thrilling Crime and Punishment in contemporary era, also a Lasting Words to Awaken the World with philosophies embodied in the rational question.
Recommended by Hu Yunteng
Member of the SPC judicial committee
Challenge the Impossible
This is the first authorized biography of Henry Chang-Yu Lee, the world’s top Chinese detective and an international forensic authority. He was the key figure in cracking the O.J. Simpson case, the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal and the John F. Kennedy assassination.
Americans call him the "Contemporary Holmes" and the king of crime scene reconstruction. He once took only two seconds to solve a 20 year-old case. At a crime scene, Henry Chang-Yu Lee considers every clue as a key that might unlock new thinking about the case.
Sources: People's Court Daily
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