Disability in China
Current situation
Government efforts
Disability Prevention Day
Tips to prevent disability
85 million
people living with
disability in China

168 million
estimated by
the end of 2050
Part 1: Current situation
Disability categories  (%)
Part 1: Current situation
Causes of disability
Chronic diseases, accident injuries, and birth defects are the main causes of disability.
What Premier Li said
We will build a whole-process health promotion system to protect people’s health throughout the life cycle.
Effective measures will be taken in prevention, health care and greater intervention to make people healthier and less vulnerable.
-- At 9th Global Conference on Health Promotion on Nov 21, 2016
Part 2: Government efforts
February 2017
Regulations on Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation
June 24, 2017
Approval on designating Aug 25
as Disability Prevention Day
August 2016
National Action Plan on Disability Prevention(2016-20)
Government documents
Enhance social awareness
about preventing disability
Goal: Health for all
Target factors causing disability
Improve national system for
rehabilitation and assistance
Encourage social participation
and careers in health care
Part 3: Disability Prevention Day
Aug 25, 2017:
1st Disability Prevention Day in China
Promote disability prevention
for a healthy China
Various events and plans to raise public awareness on risks of disability
Prenatal and pre-pregnancy checks, and newborn screening
Prevention of diseases that can lead to disabilities
Lower accident injuries with better security system
Better disability rehabilitation services and accessible facilities
Part 4: Tips to prevent disability
1st and 2nd national survey of people with disability;
Institute of Population Research, Peking University